July 24, 2008

The Weight/Height Guessing Winner is...

J i l002 L on a door

Congratulations, Jill!! You did it!! I'll send you some gift tags and other goodies, just let me know what you'd like! Way to be AMAZING and HOT and AWESOME and a GOOD GUESSER!!

Taylor's 2 year check up went great. He weighs 32 pounds and is 36 inches tall. His head is 50.5 centimeters of hugeness.

We love you all!

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Jill said...

Holy Freakin Crap! I feel so...so... intelligent! Where did this come from? Ok, well honestly, I was comparing him to Byro at the same age, since they're both so tall! So in a way, I had a cheat sheet. Something like that anyway....

And I'm starting to feel really guilty getting all these free Lemon Drop goodies, so I'll pay you for 6 thank you cards! I've been meaning to oreder some from you and keep forgetting! Love you!