August 26, 2008

a little walk

Taylor and I just got back from a little walk around our home to find kitties, bugs, and kids, oh, and airplanes. We found 3 of the four things we were after.

I took some pictures of the sweet boy while we were outside. He decided to be a ham, again. I love the new head tilt while smiling.

He has been doing pretty good today. The Zyrtec is making him tired today. He did have a little barf-fest last night around midnight, but has been fine since then.

Enjoy the pictures. Who does he look like more... me or Trask? Let us know what you think!

August 25, 2008


Just got back from the doctor's office with Taylor - they wanted to see him, thank goodness.

Turns out, he's allergic to amoxicillan and won't have it ever again. Yahoo. I feel so much better now knowing what is going on with my kidlet.

To treat the reaction he'll be on Motrin around the clock, Zyrtec 2 times a day and Orapred (steroid) once per day for 10 days. The Zyrtec may make him sleepy, but the steroid will make him hyper, aggressive and hungry. Oh my Lord! This is going to be interesting! I feel like he going to use his steroids as an excuse to be extra violent and sassy. Yikes.

On top of everything, he has a virus too, giving him a low fever, snotty nose, cough and diarrhea. However, we got the OK to go to Suttle Lake, so life is very good.

There's your update!

is this a joke?!

So my poor kidlet's rash just keeps growing and growing and growing. I am calling the pediatrician again today, with the risk of being called 'that one mom'. You know the one, the one who calls about everything. I am becoming her. But you know what, it's worth it - it's my child. And I tend to get a little worried seeing more pink spots on his skin than I do rashless spots of white. He's a cute leopard.

Here are some pictures of my sweet leopard. Note - he isn't itching at all, so we are to assume he's not in any pain. However, he has started a low-fever yesterday and today. Ugh.

I really hope he's better for Suttle Lake in a few days.

PS: Check out his eyes without his amazingly thick and powerful bifocals - Mr. Magoo Googlespiel.

August 23, 2008

we've missed you...

Obviously we haven't been blogging lately, and we're all terribly sorry about that. We just stopped by to post a FLASHBACK picture on a Saturday afternoon. Taylor is covered from head to toe in rashes from a reaction to his antibiotics, and yes, the rash is even all over the palms of his hands. I had no idea that was even possible. There is very little of his body that isn't rashy, the poor thing. We were told that he'll live, and that he is okay, and that despite the looks of things, he does not have leprosy as I had diagnosed. There goes my future as a nurse or doctor. Oh well. I suppose I'll just stay home.

We get to go out to our friends' house in Scappoose this evening, so that's where we'll be. We'll leave you with a picture of little Taylor though. It's a real little Taylor. He's about 5 days old here. Precious, eh. And look, no rashes. I may have to go take some pictures to document the rash, for the sake of the blog, not for my entertainment.

Have a great Saturday!

Taylor, Trask + Shauna

August 18, 2008


Hi Family and Friends - This cute little sassy thing is finally on the mend and seems to be better now! His appetite is back, although he keeps requesting popcorn and chocolate all the dang time. The antibiotics are helping the fluid behind his ears and he seems a bit less irritable. He is working on getting his 2 year molars in, so he's a bit on edge, but life is much better now. Thank you to everyone for the nice comments, for checking in on him, and for the prayers. You are all wonderful and we love you all. Thanks!

August 14, 2008

...and back from the doctor

The doctor wasn't sure what was up with Tay. He has some fluid behind his ear, which may be an infection, so he gave him some antibiotics. (Tay's first Rx). He isn't too worried about his lack of eating and said he'd eat when he is hungry, as long as he is still peeing and crying tears, he's fine. So that's that. We'll pray that he's on the mend :)

Love you all.

to the doctor we go...

And we're off to the doctor today at 11:45 - Taylor just isn't getting better, and still isn't interested in food, so it's time to see Dr. Davidson. We'll give an update when we get back from the doctor.

Thank you everyone for the good thoughts and prayers for Taylor, we appreciate it very much.

Oh, and PS: Taylor seems to be doing great with his bifocals so far. No accidents or big spills as of yet, and he's had them for a week today! Go baby, go!

August 10, 2008


Hey Guys. Please keep our sweet Taylor in your prayers this evening. He has been sick for a long time off and on, and it's still around. He has a fever of 101.7 with motrin in his system and has been puking tonight. I feel bad for the kid. He hasn't wanted to eat ANYTHING for four days, only liquids. My heart goes out to the poor kiddo. I am hoping some prayers will help speed his recovery. We thank you all so much, and wish many blessings to you all.


August 7, 2008

bifocals for the lad

We picked up Taylor's bifocals today from Hillsboro Eye Clinic and so far, so good. I notice him looking down more when he takes a step down from something, and he doesn't seem to mind them. So all in all, good news. Now we'll see if they do the trick. I am hoping and praying that this is the solution!

Taylor has been feeling a tad under the weather lately but is hanging in there. He has a nasty cough, and he hasn't wanted to eat anything at all today. I am trying not to fuss over him too much. I made him take a nap with me today in my bed and that felt great. I have been sick, too, so we both needed our rest and beauty sleep.

He had a really rough night last night trying to get to sleep. He was beyond tired and couldn't calm down, just lots and lots of crying and and nothing would stop it. So we took him on a drive in the country. I love living up here. We're 15 minutes from Portland and 15 minutes from the country, it's just perfect. The drive was a loud one for some of it, but eventually Tay calmed down and fell asleep. He woke up as we pulled back into our apartment but when we got him out of the car he was fine and in a good mood, like nothing happened. We then got him to fall asleep. Phew. I am blessed that Trask wasn't on a business trip and that we could handle that together.

Taylor's out on the back patio now saying 'hi' to all the neighbors. I am going to go out there with him and play in the little miniature sandbox.

Tay sends his loves!

August 6, 2008

not to jinx it, but...

...Taylor has slept through the night for three nights in a row. Three nights in a row, guys! This has NEVER happened in his 2 years of existence. Trask and I are not sure what to do. If he doesn't sleep through the night tonight I'll know it's my fault for blogging it. Cross those fingers and toes.