August 14, 2008

...and back from the doctor

The doctor wasn't sure what was up with Tay. He has some fluid behind his ear, which may be an infection, so he gave him some antibiotics. (Tay's first Rx). He isn't too worried about his lack of eating and said he'd eat when he is hungry, as long as he is still peeing and crying tears, he's fine. So that's that. We'll pray that he's on the mend :)

Love you all.


Carrie Hutchings said...

Hope the antibiotics do the trick.

Jill said...

That's promising...? Right? I hope! Still praying for the little man, though! Maybe his tummy shrunk a bit from being so sick, and combined with the heat, he just doesn't have an appetite yet! Being Dr. Jill, I know everything. Ok, I'll shut up. I wish I didn't have an appetite though.