August 7, 2008

bifocals for the lad

We picked up Taylor's bifocals today from Hillsboro Eye Clinic and so far, so good. I notice him looking down more when he takes a step down from something, and he doesn't seem to mind them. So all in all, good news. Now we'll see if they do the trick. I am hoping and praying that this is the solution!

Taylor has been feeling a tad under the weather lately but is hanging in there. He has a nasty cough, and he hasn't wanted to eat anything at all today. I am trying not to fuss over him too much. I made him take a nap with me today in my bed and that felt great. I have been sick, too, so we both needed our rest and beauty sleep.

He had a really rough night last night trying to get to sleep. He was beyond tired and couldn't calm down, just lots and lots of crying and and nothing would stop it. So we took him on a drive in the country. I love living up here. We're 15 minutes from Portland and 15 minutes from the country, it's just perfect. The drive was a loud one for some of it, but eventually Tay calmed down and fell asleep. He woke up as we pulled back into our apartment but when we got him out of the car he was fine and in a good mood, like nothing happened. We then got him to fall asleep. Phew. I am blessed that Trask wasn't on a business trip and that we could handle that together.

Taylor's out on the back patio now saying 'hi' to all the neighbors. I am going to go out there with him and play in the little miniature sandbox.

Tay sends his loves!

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Jill said...

Can I keep him?