August 25, 2008

is this a joke?!

So my poor kidlet's rash just keeps growing and growing and growing. I am calling the pediatrician again today, with the risk of being called 'that one mom'. You know the one, the one who calls about everything. I am becoming her. But you know what, it's worth it - it's my child. And I tend to get a little worried seeing more pink spots on his skin than I do rashless spots of white. He's a cute leopard.

Here are some pictures of my sweet leopard. Note - he isn't itching at all, so we are to assume he's not in any pain. However, he has started a low-fever yesterday and today. Ugh.

I really hope he's better for Suttle Lake in a few days.

PS: Check out his eyes without his amazingly thick and powerful bifocals - Mr. Magoo Googlespiel.


Jill said...

Poor baby! That rash is horrible--you weren't kidding! Give him some lovin's for me, poor little man!

Tami said...

Oh, that looks awful! I'm glad they figured it out.