August 26, 2008

a little walk

Taylor and I just got back from a little walk around our home to find kitties, bugs, and kids, oh, and airplanes. We found 3 of the four things we were after.

I took some pictures of the sweet boy while we were outside. He decided to be a ham, again. I love the new head tilt while smiling.

He has been doing pretty good today. The Zyrtec is making him tired today. He did have a little barf-fest last night around midnight, but has been fine since then.

Enjoy the pictures. Who does he look like more... me or Trask? Let us know what you think!


Vonda said...

Oh my gosh Shauna. Lucy is allergic to amoxicillan too and she did the same thing except she also swelled up huge. Her arms, legs and face were really huge. Also the stupid rash just kept coming back every time she got hot, like taking a bath, sleeping etc. for at least two months. It was frustrating. But hers itched and so we had to soak her in a soda bath, only barely warm. I actually have photos of her all swelled up. She does not even look like the same little kid in those photos. I am so glad that you found out what it was and hopefully he is on the mend. Poor little lamb.

Vonda said...

Oh and I think Taylor looks like a perfect mix of the two of you. I love that photo where he is behind the branch. Cute.

Sara said...

I am glad he is feeling better! I think he looks like both of you, but in those pictures he looks more like you to me. However, I've seen more of your expressions than Trasks.

Brenda said...

He looks like both of you, but the glasses remind me of Trask, of course. It doesn't matter who he looks like when he is that stinkin' cute.