August 23, 2008

we've missed you...

Obviously we haven't been blogging lately, and we're all terribly sorry about that. We just stopped by to post a FLASHBACK picture on a Saturday afternoon. Taylor is covered from head to toe in rashes from a reaction to his antibiotics, and yes, the rash is even all over the palms of his hands. I had no idea that was even possible. There is very little of his body that isn't rashy, the poor thing. We were told that he'll live, and that he is okay, and that despite the looks of things, he does not have leprosy as I had diagnosed. There goes my future as a nurse or doctor. Oh well. I suppose I'll just stay home.

We get to go out to our friends' house in Scappoose this evening, so that's where we'll be. We'll leave you with a picture of little Taylor though. It's a real little Taylor. He's about 5 days old here. Precious, eh. And look, no rashes. I may have to go take some pictures to document the rash, for the sake of the blog, not for my entertainment.

Have a great Saturday!

Taylor, Trask + Shauna


Jill said...

Ahhh I love him! I wish babies would stay babies forever!

Sara said...

sorry to hear about the rash! I remember being five and COVERED in hives from penicillin. I hope he gets back to better soon!!!