September 24, 2008

funny boy

Taylor keeps us laughing, always. He is starting to put words together in understandable sentences and it always cracks me up what he decides to say. Lately he says 'Come here' a lot, as well as 'I see you' in a creepy, sing-song voice. 'Hold me, Mommy' is another phrase I have been hearing A LOT of lately. How can I tell him no?!

Taylor has also been up to a lot of late-night mischief lately. He's been coming into our room while we are asleep and just staring at us as he waits for one of us to wake up. He rests his head and arms on the mattress and just stares, then starts poking, then smiling and then stares some more. He totally wants to play. Scoundrel. So we just stick him back in his bed and he's out... for awhile, and then we repeat.

However the other morning I woke up and went out in the living room and found 2 of his 3 stuffed animals that he has to sleep with EVERY night out on the couch, and the pillows on the couch all askew and crazy. What in the heck was he doing out in the living room in the middle of the night?! Who knows, but he and his stuffed cat puppet (so creepy) and his stuffed leopard were having some sort of midnight fun on the couch.

Ugh. My son is such a strange kidlet. (Of course, look at his parents!!).

Just wanted to share some of Taylor's latest shenanigans.

Taylor's eye appointment is tomorrow morning. This is the appointment where they are going to check to see how he is doing with his bifocals and decide whether the kidlet needs surgery or not. Please keep us in your thoughts. I am hoping bifocals were the answer we were looking for!!


Egghead said...

What a fun little boy. He's not strange....all kids have their own little quirks. Part of the fun in watching each one grow. Good luck on the eye appointment. You and little Taylor are in my prayers.

Jill said...

That's so rad! B does the same thing to us, the staring until we wake up, with a creepy smile on his face! :) He also crept into the living room one morning at 3:45am and I found him watching the end of a late night "Everyone Loves Raymond", sitting on the floor in front of the TV. Weirdo. I love kids!