September 15, 2008

good boy

Taylor told me to tell everyone that he slept through the night last night. He went to bed at nine and woke up this morning at five thirty, and slept another hour in our bed. Finally, a nice night's rest! Thank you, Taylor.

And here's a little flashback of what he used to look like sleepin'... so sweet, so small!

PS: Jill, please let Wade know that Taylor still asks for him, and still calls him Puppy.

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Jill said...

I let Puppy know Taylor's been asking for him. I didn't know he called Wade Puppy--that is rad! Now I want to call Wade that, but that's also one of the names w's mom calls our kids (that and "Pooky"--ugh!), so I don't want her thinking i'm taking her pet name... :) heh heh heh. I'll just continue calling him Special Fred, he expects it.

Love you guys! Miss that boy of yours, give him lots of slimy kisses from me!