September 24, 2008

loving tractors

Taylor is so much a boy, in everything he does, and his love from tractors is something fierce and well, intense.

He is comfortable on a tractor and takes it very seriously. He loves to ride on his Pampa's tractor with and without an adult. When he wakes up in the morning he needs to talk about Pampa's tractor. A lot. Funny how he remembers the tractor but not the things I tell him not to do, repeatedly. Selective hearing develops quite early, huh?

When he saw this tractor at the zoo, he went a little nuts. Yes, he did get super protective of it, and yes, he threw a grade-A tantrum after he had to get off and let other kids have a turn. It wasn't so much the anger doing the talking, we'll say it was the passion that was screaming and crying. I love that he likes things with such intensity, and it's extra fun in public!!

I love my tractor-lovin' kid!


Egghead said...

How cute is that? He looks so little up there especially in that last picture. I love tractors too.

Jill said...

Um, yeah we steered clear of this as much as possible during our trip for his bday--we knew we'd NEVER get him off! You're much nicer than me! :) he he!