September 15, 2008

a new favorite

I really don't think it's possible to pry a piece of corn on the cob away from our son - he's really into corn lately, and on the cob only, of course. He takes this very seriously, needing to eat every single kernel of corn off of the cob before it can be taken away. Meticulous corn eater - that's our boy. He thinks he's just too cool eating it by himself.


Egghead said...

That is the cutest picture. It is so funny how these little guys love corn when it is on the cob. Lucy loves it as well and won't put the thing down until another is place before her. She ate two whole ears of corn last week. Guess what we saw again the next day?

Jill said...

Corn on the cob eating is a serious business, it requires a certain technique and it DEFINITELY cannot be put down until each and every kernel of corn is gone. Same goes for fried drumsticks. You can't leave even the tiniest scrap of dark meat nor fried numminess on the bone. You will die. I'm certain of it.

That's a good boy, Taylor, you know the rules.

Brenda said...

Cute, cute picture! Luke just discovered that corn is actually good. He is horrible with any kind of veggie. They say make it fun and they will eat it. What is more fun than eating with their hands.