September 29, 2008

Taylor's Sleeping Crew

Here's Taylor's Sleeping Posse. He needs these 3 fellas to join him when he goes to sleep each night. They all have a specific place in his bed and he must have all of them for a splendid night's sleep.

Meet "Meowkie"* the leopard cat, "Roarie"* the bear we found at an antique shop, and "Tay Tay"* his siamese cat puppet. They are pleased to meet you.

*Yes, he named all posse members.


Sara said...

he gave the cat stuffed animal his own name...I love it!

Jill said...

Nice to meet y'all--you are on my good list if Taylor likes you so much! Very attractive bed-buddies!

w said...

that's some pretty good namin'.

my girl (all by herself) named her pink puppy - erm "pink puppy".

and her purple bear - "purple bear".

and she named her kitty - yep, you guessed it "mary jo alice may kitty".