October 27, 2008

Saturday was Spooktacular!!

Saturday was lovely outside and was the perfect day for Spooktacular at Jenkins Estate in Aloha. We went last year, too, and had a blast.

Taylor was pumped to go this year and show off his UO Duck football player costume. I asked if he was excited to get another pumpkin and he told us no. All he wanted to see was the tractor that gives the hayrides.

At Spooktacular we went on the hayride, and picked out a small pumpkin. We ate some food and played some games with Nana, who was working the event. Then it was Taylor's dream come true, Nana went on a tractor ride with him (so he got to ride TWO times) and Trask and I stayed behind and enjoyed 10 quiet minutes to ourselves. Oh yeah, and I got my face painted like a cat, but our camera ran out of memory, so we didn't get a picture of that. (phew!).

Anyway, we can't wait for Halloween on Friday. What is everyone else going to be this year?!


Jill said...

What a ridiculously good-looking little football player you've got there! If I had a daughter, they'd be engaged already! :) I really wish I could have seen your painted face--I think you should have deleted those pictures of my bum you snapped when you were stalking me and let Trask take pictures of your beauty. :)

Byron's going to be a cowboy and Ayden's going to be--are you ready for it?--a SOCK MONKEY!!!

Tami said...

Cute costume. Woulda been better as a BSU Bronco, tho!!! LOL. Go, Broncos!