November 24, 2008

a cousin dinner-date

If Taylor had it his way, he'd spend every waking minute with his cousin McKenna - he loves this girl so much!! When they are together he always has to be touching her in some way, whether he's playing in her curls, holding her hand, yanking her around, tickling her, whatever, he has to touch her at all times. I love how much they love each other. It warms my heart. Here are the cuties dining together in Taylor's room at his table. They are too young for candlelight, but they'll get there. Or is that weird having a candlelit dinner with your cousin? You're right, it just might be too weird. Hooray for cousins!!

(**Note the cloth napkins - very classy!!)

1 comment:

Jill said...

How cute! They look like such little grown-ups eating together like that! It's good for them to grow up so close together, I wish Ayden had someone close to his age!