November 3, 2008

Halloween 08

Let me just tell you that this was a very special and fun Halloween! This is the first year Taylor really understood the idea and loved every minute of the entire day. How awesome!

In the morning we read Halloween stories at Styledbaby for story time and had a blast. It's so nice to see the kiddos every Friday, they are a blast. After story time Taylor and I ran a couple errands, nothing that noteworthy. He was dressed up already in his costume though, as a UO Football
Player. It was pouring down rain and I thought his black smudges under his eyes would wash off, but hip-hip hooray for the mascara I used under his eyes, the smudges stayed put! (And it stayed DRY for the trick or treating that evening - yay!).

Trask had been out of town on business for 3 days and came home at about 1:15 in the afternoon on Halloween - Taylor and I were beyond thrilled. Life is not the same when Trask isn't around, let me tell you. When daddy got home we helped him unpack and then carved pumpkins. Well, we didn't carve faces, I guess we just gutted them so we could play with the insides, and I collected the seeds so I could roast them.

We headed over to McKenna and family's neighborhood in Banks a little after 5 to get ready to trick or treat. McKenna was the cutest Little Bo Peep I have ever seen! The kids really got into the trick or treating, it was so much fun to watch them. I was proud of my kidlet's manners and saying thank you after every house. He's such a sweetheart.

Trask and I did make-shift cheap costumes last minute for ourselves, of course. He was Mr. Rogers, and wore my maternity sweater, a dress shirt and tie, and some awesome canvas shoes, and oh, a side-part in his hair. He made a great Mr. Rogers. Wait, he IS Mr. Rogers. Hmmmm. And I was a pirate. I had a bandanna on my head, a striped shirt, and tall argyle socks (argh-yle) and put on some big earrings and a patch, although I couldn't wear the patch for long, it was messing up my vision. I did put on a fake mole for extra points. Does that count?

After trick or treating we played some fun games and munched on goodies - and a good time was had by all!

We hope everyone had a safe, happy Halloween. None of our candy is left, what a great way to start November.


Jill said...

How fun is that?! I'm glad little Taylor man had so much fun, what a cute football player! And I ADORE your clever "argh-yle" socks, you are so funny!

Egghead said...

Hey where is the photo of you dressed up? If your candy is all gone already you, er Taylor didn't get to trick or treat long enough.