December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting

Yesterday we went to go pick out our Christmas tree - at Plumper Pumpkin Farm, of course, on Old Cornelius Pass Road. We love it there!

This was Taylor's first year WALKING around on his own, with all the freedom in the world. Last year he was in the backpack, but there was no chance we were packing his 37 pounds on our backs!! He was happy to be on foot, helping us find the perfect Christmas tree. (We are a Noble family, both the Noble tree type and just plain noble).

After we found our tree, we sent Trask to go tie it to the roof of the Subaru while Taylor and I played. Taylor went down a 40 foot long tube slide, three times. Please note this is the child that refuses to go down slides at the park. He loved that slide. We also petted some goats, cows, calves, bunnies and looked at the pigs. Taylor loved the cows. As soon as we were done and heading to the car, that's when it started to rain. PERFECT TIMING. Yay. We seem to do this every year.

Taylor decided since he wasn't allowed to carry the saw (such mean parents, huh?!), he would pretend to saw down trees with a stick. This kept him busy for a long time.

We somehow decided it would be fun for Taylor to have some cooled-down hot chocolate on the way home in the car. And there was hardly any left, but Taylor still managed to wear a lot of it on his face! He was a wreck when we got home. Lesson learned. He looks like such a grown up, I can't stand it. Where did our baby go?!

So the tree is up and decorated and we're ready for the holidays. We hope that everyone has a lovely holiday season and that you are blessed in every way.


Sara said...

adorable! He does look very grown up with his cup of hot chocolate. And I love that he wanted to saw the trees down with a stick!

Egghead said...

I love that photo of Trask laughing down at Taylor. Adorable. It looked like a good time.

Tami said...

Great pix! Merry Christmas! Your Christmas card is in the mail.

Jill said...

I love all the pictures--they're so fun and Christmas-ee!! :) We did the hot chocolate thing too, but luckily Byron had already brought a sippy cup of milk from home, so we dumped the milk out and poured his chocolate milk in! Now he asks for "choc-kick" milk every stinkin' day!!! :) That slide sounds amazing by the way! What a fun place to take the munchkin! :) Miss you guys!