December 29, 2008

holidays 08

Taylor has been a busy guy lately with all the holiday fun that our family has been having.

Despite the fact that Taylor was terrified of Santa this year, Santa didn't hold a grudge, and treated Taylor to a full stocking and some fun goodies under the tree. Taylor is thrilled with the digital camera that Santa brought him, and he's been quite the photographer, documenting everything in his room by making it pose so he can take a picture.

Taylor's wildest dream came true this holiday season - he is the proud owner of a Thomas the Train wooden train set and a train table. (We had high hopes that the tracks would fit on one of his tables, but nope, so of course he needed a train table!). This train set has been a miracle. Once we had a child that ran from toy to toy to toy every five minutes, but Thomas holds his attention for a very long time. The first night he had his train set he was up until eleven playing and refusing to go to bed. Now when he wakes up he asks to play 'Tommy, right now'. Love it!

Our family hopes that the holidays were wonderful for all of our family and friends, and may 2009 bring much happiness, laughter, peace and cookies.

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Jill said...

Yay for Taylor and Tommy! Byron still doesn't trust that randy Santa Claus dude yet--I had to trick him into sitting on the old man's lap last year! Good thing it takes a lot to get on Santa's naughty list...I'm glad your little man had so much fun!!! :)