December 10, 2008

Parents of the Year - Maybe Next Year

I think Trask and I are in denial about Taylor's growth. He has grown over an inch in the past 8 weeks, and I guess we forgot that his feet grow, too. Here's the story...

Taylor and I were shopping at Ross with my sis-in-law, Summer, and we started looking at shoes for McKenna since she had out-grown all of the ones she had. I asked Summer what size she wore and Summer said 8-1/2 or 9. I was shocked. Tay, who is taller than Kenna, wears (or so I thought) an 8. I started laughing at McKenna's adorable, big feet.

And then I felt Taylor's toes in his shoes while he was sitting in the cart. And then I realized I was a DUNCE! His toes were right on the very edge, and he wasn't even standing! Ugh - mean Mommy! So, I told Summer, well, he must be an 8-1/2 then, I will go find him shoes tonight with Trask at Payless or somewhere. Boy, I felt bad for Taylor's poor piggies, no wonder he was always asking to take his shoes off. Duh, Shauna, duh.

So Trask and I took Tay to go get some new shoes. They really have slim pickin's when it comes to boys shoes that aren't dumb. They had nothing in an 8-1/2. Then we had the lady measure his foot to make sure we were doing it right - and we weren't. The kid is in a 9. I failed! So now I am the one with the bigfoot child. I can't wait to tell Summer this, since I was laughing so hard at my niece. (I swear I am a good Auntie!)
But good news, there were 2 decent pairs of shoes in a size 9, and it was BOGO, so extra luck.

Well, off to go cry now as I put away in storage all his awesome size 8 shoes - he had tons.

Taylor, next time your toes are about to pop out of the ends of your shoes, don't just ask for them to come off, slap mom and dad across the face a few times, then we'll get it.


Jill said...

You're still the best mommy and daddy in the world, it's horrible getting rid of all those barely-worn shoes!!! And don't feel bad, Byron's feet are freakin' enormous--he's in an 11 to 11 and 1/2! I had this same conversation with W the other day--I was putting slippers on Byron that just LAST MONTH were too big on him. I can't even squeeze them on his fat feet anymore. And yes, his feet are fat as well as big. It's ridiculous.

Tami said...

LOL! We all must have bigfoot kids. Payton is four and wears a size 1, that's in big boys sizes.