January 31, 2009

quick check-in

We all have a very busy day today but we wanted to check in to say that Taylor is doing GREAT! Yesterday he was accident-free ALL day, even during his nap!! He hasn't been in a diaper since Wednesday. We've now set the timer for every 45 minutes and it's working like a charm. Each time we put him on the potty, he goes. He's doing so well and we couldn't be more proud. We even did some errands yesterday with him and he went in public potties and still no accidents. He's getting the hang of this. And you know what - this thrills us. Perhaps potty training is his 'thing' since sleeping through the night isn't, as well as being an easy newborn - nope, perhaps this is his feat!

We get to have the Koehler Family over this morning for a surprise visit we just found out about yesterday, and then we are going to visit with some family and then Trask and I are going to the Trailblazer game together, so Taylor will have fun with Nana and Pampa this evening. I know he's just so excited to see Byron and Ayden today. He has been talking about Byron a TON lately, so we're all super excited. Who wouldn't be?!

Lots of love, and thanks for all the encouragement for Taylor. We read him the comments and he gets proud!!

Oh, and wait, we still can't wait to all meet PARKER, my friend Marie and Josh's sweet new baby, born on January 29th around dinner time. Go check out Marie's blog to see the most perfect baby in the world. Taylor is ready to play with Parker, and we are, too. Oh yeah, and with his parents.

January 29, 2009

potty training update

Well, I told you all that I'd be back with an update. I only have time because Trask is home and is helping me out. I am so grateful to have his help and a bit of a break! Potty training is just as much training the parent as it is the kidlet - it's hard work!

Taylor has been doing wonderful!! I found the BEST blog article about potty training and have been executing her tips and methods - and it works!! Please see Kay's (of My Precious Kid) blog post on potty training here, and pass it around, it's so helpful. I just love that Kay is local to Hillsboro, too, I feel like having her near gives me added support. She's been an angel answering all my questions talking to her through Twitter.

Taylor is only wearing undies, all day long. He prefers a t-shirt and undies only, so that's what we are doing for now. I set the timer for every 30 minutes, and when we hear the BEEP, we dance ballroom style down the hall to the potty and he goes. As soon as I put him on the toilet, he goes. We haven't had a time yet where I put him on and nothing comes out. He's doing great.

We had only 2 accidents so far today, and both of those weren't huge, and that was before I was timing. Now I don't have to ask him every 5 seconds if he has to go potty. It's been really great. He's not always excited to sit on the potty, but he does it and we make it as fun as we can, without backing down and caving in.

Taylor has not pooped today. I am nervous for that part. Who knows what will happen. I guess at least he gives a warning (grunting) when it's time to do that, so if I hear that or see him pushing I will just take him to the toilet. Right? Is that how it goes?! Sheesh.

At the same time I am phasing out the sippy cup. He is drinking out of a glass now and is doing great. I am not taking it away completely, since this is a huge change as it is, so if he requests a sippy I'll give him one, but he's done good so far and could care less that the sippy cups are gone. I do have to save them for the car rides though and errands, just in case!

Just wanted to check in and give a Taylor update! A big shout-out to Nana for coming by to give Taylor a 3-pack of Thomas the Train undies. He's in heaven!!

Honestly, check out the article... and please share your stories and tips! I'd love to hear any ideas!

in training

Wish us luck, we're in the midst of potty training, but not with diapers, but with big boy undies!!

We will keep everyone updated.

January 28, 2009

like sasquatch

Just like our friend the giant Sasquatch, Taylor has been increasingly impossible to capture on film. Impossible. He turns out to be a blur. Or I get the back of his huge head. Or I get his feet flying towards my face. Or his hand over the lens. It's tricky.

Please bear with us while our blog lacks Taylor pictures. I managed to capture him in a tiny bit of the camera frame here. So this is what you can feast your eyes on, for now. I am hoping he'll hold still eventually. Perhaps I'll just have to take pictures of him sleeping and put eyeball stickers over his closed eyes. That'll fool everyone.

January 22, 2009

two and a half

Today Taylor turned two and a half!! It's so weird to me that he's already half-way to three. He's growing so fast, I feel like each morning he wakes up taller, and he has the jeans that are too-short to prove it, he's going through clothes like nobody's business.

Today is a big day, as we started researching preschools for Taylor. Preschools. Can you even believe it? I can't. Not one bit. He turns three in July, so he'll get to start preschool in September. Holy Moly.

We found this preschool that we are really excited to check into. The teacher is super nice and the school seems like so much fun. It's called Happy Hearts Preschool. I think we'll go check it out soon with Taylor and see what it's like. He'd be there Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11:30. I don't know what I'll do with myself! I have stayed home with him for forever. I know he'll love it though, I just know he's going to love school and gobble it up.

On to other things Taylor has been up to... hmmm. Where to start?

When Taylor has done something naughty and we're trying to tell him no or talk to him he likes to try to distract us. Usually he says one of two things. First, he says, in a real exasperated voice, 'I am so fast, I am so fast.' The other distraction phrase he uses is, 'I am crazy, Mom, crazy.' Sometimes these phrases work, other times they do not. It's a gamble.

Taylor likes to wake up in the morning demanding to watch football. This is the first thing he says to me when he wakes up. I sometimes imagine him saying, 'Good morning, Mommy, you look lovely today' but almost always it's: 'Moooooommy, I wanna watch some fooootball, mease.' (mease is how he says please.)

Taylor knows all of the characters from The Office by heart. He can look at the DVD cover and name them off. He also thinks that Trask works at The Office with Jim, Dwight and the rest of the gang. He also always wants to play ping pong, and loves to practice his kung-fu moves (compliments of Kung Fu Panda) with flying air kicks at the traffic driving by or at plants, or at me and Trask. He kicks very hard.

Happy two and a half years, Taylor Daniel, it's been a pleasure. You're a treat - hysterical, sweet, loving, thoughtful and random. You are so loved!

January 19, 2009


We just signed Taylor up for 4 weeks of gymnastics class (jumping, balancing and tumbling) at The Gym Nest in Hillsboro. We can't wait, and are pretty confident that Taylor is going to LOVE it. It's on Saturdays, so Trask will be able to come along and watch Taylor do his thing! I will be sure to get pictures. Classes start February 21st, so we have awhile. In the meantime, we'll practice our somersaults and jumps, and oh, listening skills.

January 8, 2009

Google Eyes Update

We took Taylor in on Monday for another eye check up with Dr. Mary DeFrank of Hillsboro Eye Clinic (we love, love, love it there!!). Taylor did awesome! He could read the pictures great, even the smallest ones, and when they did the depth perception test, he did great and cooperated.

The doctor said she is so happy with Taylor's eyes. He is using his bifocals more and more consistently. His eyes are completely straight at a distance, too! She was so happy with his progress. We don't have to go back until June (6 months). At that appointment we'll have his eyes dilated and they'll check his prescription to see if it is the same, or if we need to increase or decrease it.

We were so proud of Taylor - he did a great job. He always has so much fun at that office - they are wonderful. If you are looking for a wonderful eye doctor, please contact us, because we found her. Well, we were referred to her by our pediatrician, so WE didn't find her, but she's ours!!

January 7, 2009

whiz kid

Potty Update - Taylor is doing great with potty training! He's really excited about it, and we have lots of dry diapers between potty trips!! Taylor has even let us know when we are out in public that he has to go potty, and is just doing awesome. He still isn't there 100%, but he's off to a wonderful start!!

Go Taylor!!

January 5, 2009

waiting for the train

On Wednesday last week Taylor and I rode the light rail train, Max, to go into downtown Portland to visit Trask for lunch and to play at his office for a bit. It was such a fun day!!

Taylor was super excited to ride the train, and loved almost every minute of it! He doesn't like when the train stops at the other stops, he gets nervous that we are going to get off the train. He always seems to make friends on the train, too, and this trip was no exception.

When we got off the train at PGE Park downtown, Trask was there to meet us. Taylor was so excited when the train stopped and he saw his daddy outside waiting for us - he ran the whole way to get to him and climbed into his arms, after charging at his knee caps.

We went to lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe and watched a bit of the Beaver game on TV. We then went to Trask's work and visited some of his co-workers and played with 2 of the dogs that were in the office, Astro and Sasha.

Taylor and I rode the train back home together. He loved going through the tunnels, and loved seeing the cars driving next to us on the freeway. He's so much fun on the train - it's a good way to spend time when we don't have much planned and it's gross outside.

Taylor hopes you all will join him on a train ride, he's always looking for more train-fans.