January 8, 2009

Google Eyes Update

We took Taylor in on Monday for another eye check up with Dr. Mary DeFrank of Hillsboro Eye Clinic (we love, love, love it there!!). Taylor did awesome! He could read the pictures great, even the smallest ones, and when they did the depth perception test, he did great and cooperated.

The doctor said she is so happy with Taylor's eyes. He is using his bifocals more and more consistently. His eyes are completely straight at a distance, too! She was so happy with his progress. We don't have to go back until June (6 months). At that appointment we'll have his eyes dilated and they'll check his prescription to see if it is the same, or if we need to increase or decrease it.

We were so proud of Taylor - he did a great job. He always has so much fun at that office - they are wonderful. If you are looking for a wonderful eye doctor, please contact us, because we found her. Well, we were referred to her by our pediatrician, so WE didn't find her, but she's ours!!


Sara said...

fun times, I went to the eye doctor too!

Jill said...

Good job, Taylor!