January 28, 2009

like sasquatch

Just like our friend the giant Sasquatch, Taylor has been increasingly impossible to capture on film. Impossible. He turns out to be a blur. Or I get the back of his huge head. Or I get his feet flying towards my face. Or his hand over the lens. It's tricky.

Please bear with us while our blog lacks Taylor pictures. I managed to capture him in a tiny bit of the camera frame here. So this is what you can feast your eyes on, for now. I am hoping he'll hold still eventually. Perhaps I'll just have to take pictures of him sleeping and put eyeball stickers over his closed eyes. That'll fool everyone.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Good luck with that! B is just now starting to sit still every now and then, but it's mostly only if he sees me take a picture of Ayden. Then he gets jealous and wants to be in the picture too. Otherwise, I still only get Blurred Byrons. :) Taylor is so stinking cute--I love his little sweater!