January 29, 2009

potty training update

Well, I told you all that I'd be back with an update. I only have time because Trask is home and is helping me out. I am so grateful to have his help and a bit of a break! Potty training is just as much training the parent as it is the kidlet - it's hard work!

Taylor has been doing wonderful!! I found the BEST blog article about potty training and have been executing her tips and methods - and it works!! Please see Kay's (of My Precious Kid) blog post on potty training here, and pass it around, it's so helpful. I just love that Kay is local to Hillsboro, too, I feel like having her near gives me added support. She's been an angel answering all my questions talking to her through Twitter.

Taylor is only wearing undies, all day long. He prefers a t-shirt and undies only, so that's what we are doing for now. I set the timer for every 30 minutes, and when we hear the BEEP, we dance ballroom style down the hall to the potty and he goes. As soon as I put him on the toilet, he goes. We haven't had a time yet where I put him on and nothing comes out. He's doing great.

We had only 2 accidents so far today, and both of those weren't huge, and that was before I was timing. Now I don't have to ask him every 5 seconds if he has to go potty. It's been really great. He's not always excited to sit on the potty, but he does it and we make it as fun as we can, without backing down and caving in.

Taylor has not pooped today. I am nervous for that part. Who knows what will happen. I guess at least he gives a warning (grunting) when it's time to do that, so if I hear that or see him pushing I will just take him to the toilet. Right? Is that how it goes?! Sheesh.

At the same time I am phasing out the sippy cup. He is drinking out of a glass now and is doing great. I am not taking it away completely, since this is a huge change as it is, so if he requests a sippy I'll give him one, but he's done good so far and could care less that the sippy cups are gone. I do have to save them for the car rides though and errands, just in case!

Just wanted to check in and give a Taylor update! A big shout-out to Nana for coming by to give Taylor a 3-pack of Thomas the Train undies. He's in heaven!!

Honestly, check out the article... and please share your stories and tips! I'd love to hear any ideas!


Sara said...

I don't have any tips for you but it sounds like you're a pro! Nice work Taylor and Shauna! I like the ballroom dancing part. Let's get it on video, shall we?

Carrie Hutchings said...

Sounds like he is doing great! Keep it up Tay!

Summer said...

He's a potty pro! Let me know how the #2 goes. I am afraid McKenna will never go again if she can't go in her diaper. Good Lord! Bless you and your patience- you are such a good Mommy!