January 31, 2009

quick check-in

We all have a very busy day today but we wanted to check in to say that Taylor is doing GREAT! Yesterday he was accident-free ALL day, even during his nap!! He hasn't been in a diaper since Wednesday. We've now set the timer for every 45 minutes and it's working like a charm. Each time we put him on the potty, he goes. He's doing so well and we couldn't be more proud. We even did some errands yesterday with him and he went in public potties and still no accidents. He's getting the hang of this. And you know what - this thrills us. Perhaps potty training is his 'thing' since sleeping through the night isn't, as well as being an easy newborn - nope, perhaps this is his feat!

We get to have the Koehler Family over this morning for a surprise visit we just found out about yesterday, and then we are going to visit with some family and then Trask and I are going to the Trailblazer game together, so Taylor will have fun with Nana and Pampa this evening. I know he's just so excited to see Byron and Ayden today. He has been talking about Byron a TON lately, so we're all super excited. Who wouldn't be?!

Lots of love, and thanks for all the encouragement for Taylor. We read him the comments and he gets proud!!

Oh, and wait, we still can't wait to all meet PARKER, my friend Marie and Josh's sweet new baby, born on January 29th around dinner time. Go check out Marie's blog to see the most perfect baby in the world. Taylor is ready to play with Parker, and we are, too. Oh yeah, and with his parents.

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Carrie Hutchings said...

Wow, it sounds like the potty thing is really Taylor's thing. He's like a professional pottyer now. Way to go Tay!