February 16, 2009

monday morning

Taylor and I spent the morning at the park since it's so sunny out. Note that it's sunny, but NOT warm. I am ready for both, but really won't complain if it's just sunny. We have missed our friend the sun.

Taylor actually sat still for a picture. Perhaps it was because he was strapped into his stroller. He is wearing a super cute hat that was made for him by Amber, one of the sweetest Etsian pals ever, who is from Portland, too! Isn't the hat cute!? Here's her shop, you better go check her out! She's amazing, and super nice. Killer combo.

Tay had fun at the park until he had to go potty, and then we discovered the bathrooms are closed for the winter. What?! So we had to get back in the stroller and run home quick so he could go potty. After we got home and he went, we hopped into the car and went back to the park to play, with an empty bladder. Tay only wanted to stay there for like 3 minutes. Of course.

Taylor will check back in soon. He's off to play with the dirt in the flower pots on our back patio.


Julie said...

Have I mentioned that your son is cute???!!!

Amber [the crochet addict] said...

I'm so glad that you all like his hat.. You'll have to tell me Taylors favorite colors and perhaps the hat fairy will visit him again! *hugs for Shauna*

KRISTI said...

oooh - how cute is that hat? I'll have to check out her shop.