February 10, 2009

potty talk

Okay, sorry we've been slacking on blog posts, but the whole Rogers Family had the stomach flu all last week - it was bad. But while we were all sick, we still had Taylor in undies and were working on potty training. This kid is doing great!! And today marks a very big day - Taylor POOPED ON THE POTTY like a champion! He told me he had to go and we went in and he took care of business. Impressive business. So impressive I wanted to take a picture and show you all. But I didn't. I just texted the picture to Trask.

We are going to celebrate pooping in the potty with riding our bikes in the house and chocolate cake - both requests from Taylor himself. He knows how to party. And he knows how to potty!


Jill said...

Yay for Taylor!!! I want to ride my bike in the house--NO FAIR!

You guys are ALWAYS sick--what in the heck? You need some serious Vitamin C up in that place! :) I've never known anyone to puke so much. Hm. I should probably be knocking on wood right now.

Hope everyone's well again! Love you!

Carrie Hutchings said...

Way to go Tay!!! Riding bikes in the house and chocolate cake...that kid does know how to party. Hope you all are feeling better.