March 2, 2009

he [hearts] fire trucks

Is there a kid out there that isn't fascinated by big, huge, red fire trucks? I doubt it. Taylor sure loves them!

Saturday after having lunch with Summer and McKenna, Trask and I took Taylor down the street to go see a few fire trucks that the Forest Grove Fire Department had in the parking lot of a shopping center. It was all set up for the kids to come see the firefighter's gear and climb in the trucks.

Taylor was in heaven! He got to climb all over one of their newest fire engines. He steered the steering wheel, he pushed buttons, he took it all very seriously, too, of course. He hopped in the back and hung out there for awhile, too. He was so happy! All the dials, gages and knobs were so shiny and pretty - he was so intrigued. As was I, but for other reasons. [we all know how much Taylor's mommy loves the fire fighters].

A big THANK YOU to the great Forest Grove Fire Fighters. We adore you.

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Carrie Hutchings said...

Awww...maybe Tay is going to take after Grandpa Dan. :)