March 23, 2009

sweet. wait, what?!

Taylor has been a ham this morning. A ham with a side of silly. A heaping pile of silly.

Taylor keeps telling me that I am 'Super Cute' over and over and over. It was making him laugh so hard each time he'd say it. So, does he mean it, or is he telling a joke?

He then points to me and says 'Making you laugh, Mom, making you laugh'. I still don't get it. Is he mocking me?


-Trask said...

Hmmm, I think he's mocking. At least at some level. Rarely is he nice without any conditions.

w said...

sad. so sad. he's projecting. he's calling himself cute. and making himself laugh. all the while confusing you.

Sara said...

Taylor was so funny on Sunday and I loved getting to see him even though he got more personal than my dentist! What a fun kid!