May 28, 2009

sand man

We need to live closer to the beach - Taylor and sand - total BFF.


Someone is growing up WAY too fast. Can you guess who? It seems like everyday he is changing, learning, sassing and growing! He wakes up each morning looking older than when we put him to bed!

I couldn't be more proud of the sweet boy that he is! My heart melts when he sits next to me and says 'I love you so much, Mom' or 'you're my best friend'. This kidlet is a wild, but sweet little piece of Heaven.

The fashionable cape that he is wearing was made by BabyPop, and it has a lightning bolt on the back - too stinkin' cute! I would highly recommend BabyPop for any of your superhero needs.

May 21, 2009

Sauvie's Island

On Sunday we went to Sauvie's Island with Taylor to go play in the water and lay in the sand. The weather was PERFECT and there was a great breeze, making the day just that much better. I did a lot of lounging on the blanket while Taylor and Trask played in the sand and water. I then hear this conversation my 2 guys are having with this 10-11 year old boy...

Boy: Your kid is cute.

Trask: Thanks. He likes you!

Taylor is splashing him and laughing a lot.

Boy: How old is your son?

Trask: He'll be 3 in July.

Boy: I see he's mastered the cross-eye.


I couldn't stop laughing. Taylor had his glasses off while he was playing in the water, and yes, he had in fact, mastered the cross-eye.

May 3, 2009


Turns out, Taylor likes to climb trees. Are we at all surprised? No, no we aren't.

Great picture taken by Julie at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse on Friday.