June 23, 2009

birthday countdown + summer time

Taylor is on the birthday countdown, it seems. Each day he asks how much longer, and then reacts like we just told him the big day is tomorrow. Little does he know he has to wait a whole month!

We can't believe that our little boy isn't so little anymore. Well, was he ever really little?! It's hard to remember that time when he was tiny. We couldn't be more proud of the quirky, curious, joking and teasing, treat-sneaking boy that he is growing into.

The other day we found Taylor just staring at himself in the mirror. Usually we find him making funny faces at himself, but this time, he was just staring.

We asked what he was doing.

His response? "I'm trying to find a mustache!"

Taylor recently got a full-sized bed, thanks to dear friends who are moving out of the country. Since he has been in his super huge, super cool and super comfy bed... he has been sleeping through the night. You heard it folks. The kid just needed more room. I KNEW IT and so many people told me that that wasn't the reason he was waking up, but it has to be. I love it when I am right, it's so rare these days. Sleeping at night is a great thing, I missed it. Glad to have it back!

Taylor starts Happy Hearts Preschool in September, and couldn't be more thrilled. Somehow he already has the concept of Summer Break, even though he doesn't have anything to take a break from yet. We told him to do something the other day (like put his shoes away or something) and his response was, "But it's summer-time!" What?! How is that even relevant!?

Taylor has spent his 'summer break' playing with the neighbor boys downstairs, his amigos (ages 9,8 and almost 3). He's been frequenting the zoo (the sandbox at the zoo in particular). The playgrounds have been destinations, as well as walks to hunt for bugs.

Everyday he wants to go to the 'swimming cool' (pool) to go swim, even in the downpours of rain we've recently had. Thank goodness today is supposed to be warm, it'll be a 'swimming cool' day.

Taylor has also been more than excited about the impending birth of his newest cousin, Liam, and is patiently, or not-so-patiently awaiting the time when Aunt Summer goes into labor. He's ready to have another baby to play with! And he has been making me laugh, because he keeps telling me he has a baby in his tummy, too. I am not sure when he is due. I will keep you all posted.

Taylor gave Trask a terrific Father's Day weekend. On Saturday we took him to Oceanside and spent the whole day playing. The weather was perfect and fun was had by all. We even took the dog! Taylor's main goal was for me to build the sand castles and for him to demolish them. He also combed the beach looking for treasures to put in his beach wagon. His treasures he coveted include seagull feathers, a rope and a couple rocks, just to humor us. He also had a couple girls nearby to flirt with, bringing them some of our peanut butter cookies. He sure knows how to make a girl smile.

On Sunday we ate Krispy Kreme donuts and spent a good portion of the day at Smith Barry Barns picking raspberries and a few strawberries. Taylor ate a bunch of green blueberries and loved 'em. We're waiting for them to turn blue before WE go back! After that we went to family's house to go celebrate his cousin Rylan's 2nd birthday. Fun was had by all!

Our summer is continually packed, with play dates and outings for Taylor and I during the week, and then family filled adventures during the weekends. It's been crazy!

We'll leave you at that, for now. Thanks for dropping in to see how Mister Taylor is! We hope to see you all soon!


Carrie Hutchings said...

Haha...looking for a mustache, I love it!

Tinkerbelly said...

One thing that I do for our older kids that they love is put a countdown clock on their computers for them. I also have one on my blog for Erikka's first birthday. THe older kids love watching the seconds tick away for whatever he upcoming event is that they are waiting for. One other thing that I did that ended up having a better outcome than I thought, was that when Daddy was gone in Iraq I counted out a Starburst for ever day until he came home. The kids got to eat one starburst everyday and then we took the wrappers and sticky tacked them to the wall to show them how far we had alreay come. It was a great visual experience for them as well as a great way to countdown. When Daddy finally came home our wall was covered in months worth of wrappers and neither of the children wanted even a single piece of candy for ages. Years later they still would rather cheese or something other than candy.