June 11, 2009

first time bowling

Taylor went bowling with his cousin Rylan today and he had a BLAST! Rylan is practically a professional, but this was Taylor's first time.

Taylor bowled 3 games, and used bumpers. Sometimes he'd use the ramp and other times he would just push the ball down the lane, and after grass grew and paint dried, it would maybe hit a pin or two!

Taylor's Bowling Games:
Game 1: 59
Game 2: 69 (with a spare!)
Game 3: 54 (with a strike!)

Bowling was a HIT and he'll be going again soon! He was excited when he knocked down one pin, so when he got his strike, it was the same reaction he had when he got a gutter ball. Looks like he's not going to be as competitive as his Mommy. That's a good thing!

He loved playing with his cousin, Rylan. Between bowling, playing tag and just running aimlessly, it was a great afternoon for this toddler.

Thanks for introducing bowling to Taylor, Uncle Chad, Auntie Eileen and Cousin Rylan!

PS: Totally hard to believe that there's 11 months between these kids. Rylan is growing up so fast, he'll be taller than Taylor soon!

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