June 26, 2009

structural engineer

We have always known that Taylor was a thinker. And a processor. He likes to figure out how everything works, and isn't happy until he fully understands, assembles and disassembles anything. He has been this way since a very young infant. Always quieter, observing and testing. And now, after playing with wooden blocks with Taylor for 3 uninterrupted hours this morning, it's confirmed. This kid is going to be a structural engineer.

Favorite Taylor quote this morning: "Mom, this is the biggest, strongest bridge I have ever, EVER seen".

I adore my sweet, little nerd.

Note: I used to work with engineers. Taylor will be one of the rare gems with a dashing personality, rugged good looks and a super powerful brain. Most engineers, in my experience, are not blessed with all 3 qualities.

Sorry to all the engineers I just offended out there.


Jill said...

he he you are so funny! I tend to agree with you about MOST engineers, though you're right about TayMan, he will have all the goods wrapped up in one! He reminds me of Byron a lot when I read these posts--Byron's always been the quiet, observing kid who HAS to know how everything works and obsesses over these things. Though, even at almost four, he will build the hugest towers and be overjoyed to knock it down!!! I don't know if that part will ever fade--he's too destructive! Taylor's such a handsome little man!!! That blond hair and those enormous blue eyes *sigh*

Sara said...

Happy Birthday, Taylor!!!

Anonymous said...

My dad is an engineer, so that totally made me laugh. You should add 'social graces' to your list. That is the quality my father lacks most. (for example: he licks his knife in public, wears too-tight sweat shorts to the bowling alley, farts where-ever/whenever, asks inappropriate questions at awkward times and used to peer into his next door neighbors living room window to see if dude was home (dudes gf didn't approve)lol)