August 26, 2009

three year check up

Taylor went to his 3-year check up on Monday and was a great boy. Doctor visits are tricky for 3-year olds. Like they would ever choose to go in a room, get in their undies and sit on the table.

Taylor did fine except for when he had to be on the table. I remember when he was a baby, he loved playing with the paper, but that trick doesn't work to distract him any longer.

Taylor weighed in at 40 pounds (90-95th percentile) and measured 39-1/2 inches tall (95th percentile). His doctor said he'll be big and tall like his daddy in no time, if not taller. My gosh! I wonder when Taylor will be my height. Probably when he's like in 5th grade.

Taylor and I have had a busy week, and today we've decided to stay home and clean. He is a big fan of helping me out, so has been using wipes to clean the fridge and the floor and whatever else he feels like, the dog included. We've been working with putting away our toys before we go on to other toys, but when he starts picking up, he gets distracted and just keeps playing with the ones he's supposed to be putting away, which is fine with me.

Not much else is going on. Just getting ready for preschool and also for our annual Suttle Lake camping trip. Taylor is super excited for it this year. We'll see how he does in the tent, last year was rough!

We hope everyone is having a great week.

August 13, 2009

bigger + bigger

Today is a big day for Taylor!

We're going on a picnic with his preschool teachers and classmates (returning and new) today at 11:30. Taylor seems to be very excited for this, and that makes me excited for him. I can't believe my baby is growing up, and growing up so quickly. I will edit this post later and let everyone know how the picnic went. Please pray that I have dry eyes and can semi-control my insane hormones.

On another note, Taylor has HUGE feet. The lady at the shoe store was shocked that Taylor is now in a children's size 11 and he just turned three. But then she looked at Trask. And looked down at his feet. Suddenly it all made sense to her. Beasts. Cute beasts. Needless to say, the tens that Taylor was wearing were a BIT snug! (why do I always do this to my kid?!). Taylor got 3 new pairs of shoes in one day. Sounds like how it used to be for me, long ago!!

We'll also have to go school clothes shopping for the big boy, as he's outgrown all his pants during the summer, and somehow I can't see Trask being okay with Taylor wearing manpris (capris for men - duh). It's never going to slow down, is it? This is why we have more children, isn't it? I think I'm finally catching on.

Aside from the preschool picnic that we've been looking forward to, and shoe shopping, Taylor got to play with his Aunt Summer and Cousin Liam yesterday when we went over there to bring Summer hot chocolate and keep her company. That little Liam is such a blessing, and Taylor adores him. It's comforting to see him be okay with me spending a lot of time with a baby, and being so patient. We'll see how that goes when it's HIS little brother or little sister in my arms. I can already tell he's going to be an enthusiastic helper.

Okay, off to get ready for the preschool picnic!!

PS: The preschool picnic was great. Taylor was super shy of the teachers at first, but he got warmed up and loved playing with all the kids on the playground. He eventually warmed up to the teachers and actually let them talk to him. He's excited for preschool, where Teacher Susan told him they have a train unit, a bug unit and a dinosaur unit. All things Taylor told Susan that he loved.

August 10, 2009

he {hearts} outside

We had the best weekend. It was full of perfect weather (not too hot) and lots of time outside together.

Saturday we took Taylor a little ways past Gales Creek, over by Timber, and let him go fishing. We found a perfect little spot. By perfect I mean it was safe, secluded and pretty. I do not mean to portray that there were any fish even near the area. There were none. We did see water skippers though.

Taylor didn't care that there weren't any fish. He had his pole ready in seconds and the bobber in the water, casting and reeling it in, over and over. And the fish net. Oh the fish net. Taylor was in heaven. I sat in my camp chair and took pictures while Trask and Taylor 'fished' and skipped rocks and then proceeded to throw huge rocks into the water. Taylor eventually ended up walking across the creek with Trask, with his converse and jeans on. This was after Taylor swore he just wanted to dip his toes in. Yeah right.

After some fishing, we went to Summer's birthday party get-together and had a great time. It was nice to spend the evening with family (and love on the sweet baby!!). Taylor and McKenna were wound up beyond belief, with extra energy to spare, so they did a good job at keeping one another entertained. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SUMMER (AUNT SISSY!) - we love you so much!!

Sunday (yesterday) was another fun day. We took Taylor hiking on part of the Forest Hills hiking trails, off of Skyline. It was perfect weather and the hike was beautiful. We walked a long ways, and Taylor was perched on top of Trask's shoulders for most of the trip. Lucky. We'll definitely be there again next weekend if the weather isn't too hot, it's a great way for us to get out and play.

Taylor and I are starting off this week not feeling so great. I am feeling super dizzy and just plain sick, and Taylor keeps telling me he feels sick. So we plan on laying low. I am not sure if he's really sick, he seems fine, I think he just likes to copy me.

Have a wonderful Monday!!

August 7, 2009

professional toy tester

Taylor is now a professional toy tester. His first toy he has been given to review is Play Toys' Activity Bus, and it's awesome! Note that you don't need to be fully clothed to play with it!

Read me and Taylor's review here.

We can't wait for another opportunity to play with another great toy!

August 4, 2009

updates from a three year old.

Did we really not blog at all in July?! So sorry! Last month was amazingly busy, and Taylor was busy tending to me and my all-day morning sickness like a champ.

Taylor is three. I didn't even get a birthday post done. But he's loving being three, and reminds everyone around him that he's getting older.

His newsletter came for preschool, and the waterworks for me began. There are so many fun activities we are going to do with the teachers and students before school begins. Hopefully this will be a good way to ease my anxiety about it, and for Taylor to make some friends before class. His first day of preschool is September 15th. Right around the corner. I can't even believe it. He is so excited to go, we have to keep reminding him that he has to wait a little while longer.

Taylor has a new cousin!! Baby Liam was born on Taylor's due date, July 29th, at 6:04pm. Summer, Aaron and McKenna, as well as Liam are doing great. Liam is a sweet little guy. I guess he's not little. He was born 9 pounds 13 ounces and was almost 22 inches long. Big boy, but so very sweet, and still seems so tiny when you're used to playing with a giant 3 year old.

Taylor has spent his days rolling down grassy hills, eating a ton, playing with friends, riding his bike with training wheels, going to the fair and gagging because the animals were too smelly, coloring pictures in his journal and swimming.

We'll be better about the blogging, now that I am feeling a bit better.

Happy August!!