August 10, 2009

he {hearts} outside

We had the best weekend. It was full of perfect weather (not too hot) and lots of time outside together.

Saturday we took Taylor a little ways past Gales Creek, over by Timber, and let him go fishing. We found a perfect little spot. By perfect I mean it was safe, secluded and pretty. I do not mean to portray that there were any fish even near the area. There were none. We did see water skippers though.

Taylor didn't care that there weren't any fish. He had his pole ready in seconds and the bobber in the water, casting and reeling it in, over and over. And the fish net. Oh the fish net. Taylor was in heaven. I sat in my camp chair and took pictures while Trask and Taylor 'fished' and skipped rocks and then proceeded to throw huge rocks into the water. Taylor eventually ended up walking across the creek with Trask, with his converse and jeans on. This was after Taylor swore he just wanted to dip his toes in. Yeah right.

After some fishing, we went to Summer's birthday party get-together and had a great time. It was nice to spend the evening with family (and love on the sweet baby!!). Taylor and McKenna were wound up beyond belief, with extra energy to spare, so they did a good job at keeping one another entertained. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SUMMER (AUNT SISSY!) - we love you so much!!

Sunday (yesterday) was another fun day. We took Taylor hiking on part of the Forest Hills hiking trails, off of Skyline. It was perfect weather and the hike was beautiful. We walked a long ways, and Taylor was perched on top of Trask's shoulders for most of the trip. Lucky. We'll definitely be there again next weekend if the weather isn't too hot, it's a great way for us to get out and play.

Taylor and I are starting off this week not feeling so great. I am feeling super dizzy and just plain sick, and Taylor keeps telling me he feels sick. So we plan on laying low. I am not sure if he's really sick, he seems fine, I think he just likes to copy me.

Have a wonderful Monday!!

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