September 30, 2009


Taylor is going to have a little brother!

The ultrasound went terrific last night. We had the NICEST technician I could have ever hoped for, and my kiddo behaved. Both kiddos behaved. The one in my tummy cooperated so we could tell he was a boy, without any doubt, and my sweet Taylor was patient, cooperative and really enthusiastic about seeing the baby on the screen.

Taylor's first reaction when he saw the baby, even before we knew if it was a boy or a girl, was, "oh, the baby's so cute!", accompanied by a lot of cooing and baby noises.

We had the technician tell Taylor what the baby was, and then let him announce it to us. He proudly stated, "It's a little brother!" and we couldn't be more excited! I had thought before he announced it that I had identified a boy part, so I was pretty proud of myself when Taylor announced the news.

Now Taylor, Trask and I have the daunting task of naming this fella... wish us luck!

Oh, yeah, and for the record... in the room during this ultrasound, after we find out that I'll be the only girl in the house, Trask states to Taylor: "Mommy will deserve many, many more pedicures!" I love it!

September 29, 2009

little brother or little sister?

We are so sorry it has been so long since we've updated this blog! We meaning, me, Shauna, I suppose.

Taylor is doing GREAT in preschool and I think we've just been getting used to a new routine, and succeeding with it, so far! Taylor has made some cute friends in his class and he always tells me he had a great time. He has a certain girl in his class that he thinks is cute. Well, not just cute, but "really cute!" I had no idea it would start so early! He even told her when she walked up to him last week that he liked her pants. Flattery goes a long way, but I'm not sure what that means in preschool. He seems pretty smitten, but not sure if it's reciprocated or not. I don't think he even cares. Just wants someone to love!

Today Taylor will start his third week of preschool. I can't believe it. He is really enjoying show and tell on Thursdays, and I love hearing the kids sing their songs together before school is out. It's so cute, my eyes water up every single time. We have a ever-growing stockpile of art that Taylor has created, and I don't see it slowing down any time soon, so we are more than happy to share. Please let us know if you'd like a part of a Taylor Daniel masterpiece.

This evening is the BIG ultrasound appointment and Taylor gets to come, along with Trask and Nana (Gail). The appointment is at 5 this evening and already we are prepping Taylor that it may not be a girl. He has been insisting it's a baby sister since the first day he found out I was pregnant, and having a little brother doesn't even seem like an option he is going to consider. Time will tell! I am going to see if the ultrasound tech will whisper the baby's gender to Taylor so he can announce it to the rest of us, having a special job. Really bummed my mom can't be at the ultrasound, too, but I am planning on trying to take a video of some of the ultrasound for her. Love you MOM!

I was dreaming of the ultrasound all night last night and one dream told me that it would be a girl, and it would be born March 2nd. We'll see what happens. All I know is that last night it was so hard to sleep, almost like waiting for Christmas morning.

We all hope that everyone is doing well and that we can visit soon. We send out our hugs and kisses and we'll update the blog when we know more about this sweet baby.

Taylor, Trask and Shauna

September 16, 2009

Taylor Rogers, Shoe Tester

Taylor and I just got home from Nike with our friends Julie and Audrey, and we had a blast. Audrey is a tester of size 5 children's shoes for Nike and brought Taylor along to be a tester for the children's size 12 shoes. LUCKY KIDS!

It was so cute to see Audrey and Taylor trying on shoes together! (About 8 pairs or so). Once they were on, they'd get to run across the room and around the table. Taylor practiced his mad jumping skills and it was just a blast to watch.

With every pair of shoes, Taylor was asked questions about them, like how they felt, how they made him feel, if they hurt, if they were too loose, etc. His response to many questions were that the shoes were "snazzy, squishy, perfect, awesome and great." He liked almost every pair he tried. And they ask the parents if they are easy to get on, if the laces are too short/long, etc. It was so much fun!

At the end, Taylor did a bit of coloring and then got to go to a shelf of shoes and pick out a pair. The pair pictured in the post are the ones he ended up choosing. LOVE THEM! We are excited to do some more shoe testing in November.

I'm going to go and try to fit my big feet into his new shoes while he's napping now...

first day of preschool

Yesterday was Taylor's first day of preschool, and the verdict is in. He LOVES it!

Trask and I took him to school in the morning, where we got there a little early. He made friends with the other boys waiting for the door to open, and kept telling everyone we only had to wait 3 more minutes. He wasn't shy one bit, and by the time the teachers came to unlock the door and greet the kids, Taylor was halfway in the door.

The first thing Taylor did was hang his jacket on his special coat hook in the hallway. Then his teacher did a quick head check for lice, and then he washed his hands (swine flu prevention). After greeting his teachers, he wanted nothing more than to just go to his classroom.

Trask and I followed Taylor into his classroom, but I doubt that Taylor cared or noticed. He was ready. We took a few pictures of him and told him I would pick him up at 11:30 and he gave us hugs and sent us away without looking back.

I made it all the way until the end of the hall, leaving the building when the tears started. I'd love to chalk it up to pregnancy hormones, but I know that I would have cried without the help of the handy hormones. They weren't tears of sadness, but of happiness, and disbelief. He's growing up so fast, but he's such a great kid, and so beyond ready for preschool!

We drove home, Trask left for work, I dried my eyes and ran some errands, solo, for the first time in 3 years. I felt lonely, and kept looking at my phone to check the time. When it was time to pick Taylor up, I brought our dog along with me in the car. I walked down the hall and waited with some of the other parents. When it was time to go, I saw Taylor lined up, waiting for a parent before he could leave the classroom. His sweet face lit up, he gave me a huge hug and away we went, picking up his coat along the way.

I tried to get information about Taylor's day from him, but he's very much a boy, and I am sure he was still letting everything soak in. He loved it, he said, and he played and had fun and sang his ABC's and played tag outside and sat in a circle and learned how to cough into his arm. Slowly he's telling us more and more, but whenever you ask him something, at first he just says, "I played and played and played and it was fun, fun, fun!"

I can't ask for a happier first day of preschool for this sweet, growing boy! He's so ready for tomorrow!

September 14, 2009

Mister Amazing

Tomorrow is Taylor's first day of preschool and boy is he ready! We had a nice weekend full of fun, and today we're getting the house ready for the week and just spending some mommy and son time together.

Trask and I took Taylor out to breakfast yesterday morning and then out to Forest Grove to walk around downtown and let Taylor get his energy out. Of course the camera was with us (thanks, dad!) and Taylor cooperated with a few pictures. He's at that stage where he thinks a tiny piece of his soul will disappear if we take his picture. (okay, not really, but he acts like that!)

We hung out around Pacific University (makes me want to go to college AGAIN), and then went to a feed/pet store and fell in love with a puppy, walked around downtown, ate lunch and just played all day. It was so much fun.

Well, back to chores, as Taylor is reminding me. He likes to 'supervise' more than participate. Smart boy. I'll fill you all in with pictures tomorrow on how the first day of preschool goes!

September 10, 2009

it's almost preschool time!

You guys, Taylor is doing amazing getting ready for preschool! His excitement and enthusiasm puts me at ease, and now I am just so excited for him to learn and love school. Getting him ready for school makes me miss school so much, do other parents go through that or am I just strange?

Last week Taylor and I volunteered in the classroom, helping the teachers get the classroom ready for the school year to begin. Taylor took to it RIGHT AWAY and played on the playground with classmates and Teacher Pam while I was in the classroom hanging posters and putting together paper packets and such. I peeked out the window at Taylor to see him picking a flower and giving it to his teacher. My eyes welled up with tears seeing such a sweet thing, and they are welling up now just typing this.

It was fun to watch Taylor interact with the kids and teacher, and to see him come inside for a snack, sit in a circle, wash his hands, etc, all without needing me. This totally put me at ease. He is going to do fine. There may be some tears from him on the first day or so, but I know that he is going to love school. He starts this Tuesday. In five days. I am not sure where my baby went, but he's growing up and going to school! I couldn't be more proud of him.

Looking at his school schedule, my heart smiles with joy to see that there will be a holiday and spring singing program. I can't even begin to express how happy that makes me, along with ordering Scholastic books, preschool t-shirts and seeing something about a Thanksgiving feast at 10:30 am. This is going to be such a fun school year.

Tonight is Open House at the preschool. Taylor gets to have his picture taken for his choice time heart and he gets to pick out his coat hook.
Trask is coming along with us, so it'll be fun for the whole family. Can't believe I am getting all choked up about a coat hook...

We'll keep friends and family posted on Taylor's adjustment to preschool and all the other things that has been keeping us insanely busy.

We love you all!