September 30, 2009


Taylor is going to have a little brother!

The ultrasound went terrific last night. We had the NICEST technician I could have ever hoped for, and my kiddo behaved. Both kiddos behaved. The one in my tummy cooperated so we could tell he was a boy, without any doubt, and my sweet Taylor was patient, cooperative and really enthusiastic about seeing the baby on the screen.

Taylor's first reaction when he saw the baby, even before we knew if it was a boy or a girl, was, "oh, the baby's so cute!", accompanied by a lot of cooing and baby noises.

We had the technician tell Taylor what the baby was, and then let him announce it to us. He proudly stated, "It's a little brother!" and we couldn't be more excited! I had thought before he announced it that I had identified a boy part, so I was pretty proud of myself when Taylor announced the news.

Now Taylor, Trask and I have the daunting task of naming this fella... wish us luck!

Oh, yeah, and for the record... in the room during this ultrasound, after we find out that I'll be the only girl in the house, Trask states to Taylor: "Mommy will deserve many, many more pedicures!" I love it!

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Jill said...

Congratulations guys!!! Trask and baby Carsten have the two best parents ever! And yes, Shauna, you DOOOOOO deserve many many many pedicures! Too much testosterone up in that house!!! ;o) Love you guys!