September 16, 2009

first day of preschool

Yesterday was Taylor's first day of preschool, and the verdict is in. He LOVES it!

Trask and I took him to school in the morning, where we got there a little early. He made friends with the other boys waiting for the door to open, and kept telling everyone we only had to wait 3 more minutes. He wasn't shy one bit, and by the time the teachers came to unlock the door and greet the kids, Taylor was halfway in the door.

The first thing Taylor did was hang his jacket on his special coat hook in the hallway. Then his teacher did a quick head check for lice, and then he washed his hands (swine flu prevention). After greeting his teachers, he wanted nothing more than to just go to his classroom.

Trask and I followed Taylor into his classroom, but I doubt that Taylor cared or noticed. He was ready. We took a few pictures of him and told him I would pick him up at 11:30 and he gave us hugs and sent us away without looking back.

I made it all the way until the end of the hall, leaving the building when the tears started. I'd love to chalk it up to pregnancy hormones, but I know that I would have cried without the help of the handy hormones. They weren't tears of sadness, but of happiness, and disbelief. He's growing up so fast, but he's such a great kid, and so beyond ready for preschool!

We drove home, Trask left for work, I dried my eyes and ran some errands, solo, for the first time in 3 years. I felt lonely, and kept looking at my phone to check the time. When it was time to pick Taylor up, I brought our dog along with me in the car. I walked down the hall and waited with some of the other parents. When it was time to go, I saw Taylor lined up, waiting for a parent before he could leave the classroom. His sweet face lit up, he gave me a huge hug and away we went, picking up his coat along the way.

I tried to get information about Taylor's day from him, but he's very much a boy, and I am sure he was still letting everything soak in. He loved it, he said, and he played and had fun and sang his ABC's and played tag outside and sat in a circle and learned how to cough into his arm. Slowly he's telling us more and more, but whenever you ask him something, at first he just says, "I played and played and played and it was fun, fun, fun!"

I can't ask for a happier first day of preschool for this sweet, growing boy! He's so ready for tomorrow!


Julie Flood said...

your son is RAD. I love him.

Egghead said...

Ohhh so sweet. He is growing up and although hard momma, you will come to appreciate a bit of free time. Especially before the baby comes. I hope your are feeling well.

Jill said...

Adorable! That is one incredibly happy little boy--look at all those grins! I remember how lonely the first two days w/o Byron were, but you are doing so good! Go Shauna!!!! Love you!

Tami said...

Awesome! When we ask Payton about his day at school, all he says is "it's a secret," with an onery smile.