September 14, 2009

Mister Amazing

Tomorrow is Taylor's first day of preschool and boy is he ready! We had a nice weekend full of fun, and today we're getting the house ready for the week and just spending some mommy and son time together.

Trask and I took Taylor out to breakfast yesterday morning and then out to Forest Grove to walk around downtown and let Taylor get his energy out. Of course the camera was with us (thanks, dad!) and Taylor cooperated with a few pictures. He's at that stage where he thinks a tiny piece of his soul will disappear if we take his picture. (okay, not really, but he acts like that!)

We hung out around Pacific University (makes me want to go to college AGAIN), and then went to a feed/pet store and fell in love with a puppy, walked around downtown, ate lunch and just played all day. It was so much fun.

Well, back to chores, as Taylor is reminding me. He likes to 'supervise' more than participate. Smart boy. I'll fill you all in with pictures tomorrow on how the first day of preschool goes!


Jill said...

Tomorrow's Bman's return to school too!!! He's jumping off the walls with excitement! Except for the part where I'm making him let me cut his hair tonight... ;o) Are you ready for it Shauna???

Brenda said...

Hope Taylor is loving preschool. I love seeing their papers that get sent home with them. These kids are so smart.