September 16, 2009

Taylor Rogers, Shoe Tester

Taylor and I just got home from Nike with our friends Julie and Audrey, and we had a blast. Audrey is a tester of size 5 children's shoes for Nike and brought Taylor along to be a tester for the children's size 12 shoes. LUCKY KIDS!

It was so cute to see Audrey and Taylor trying on shoes together! (About 8 pairs or so). Once they were on, they'd get to run across the room and around the table. Taylor practiced his mad jumping skills and it was just a blast to watch.

With every pair of shoes, Taylor was asked questions about them, like how they felt, how they made him feel, if they hurt, if they were too loose, etc. His response to many questions were that the shoes were "snazzy, squishy, perfect, awesome and great." He liked almost every pair he tried. And they ask the parents if they are easy to get on, if the laces are too short/long, etc. It was so much fun!

At the end, Taylor did a bit of coloring and then got to go to a shelf of shoes and pick out a pair. The pair pictured in the post are the ones he ended up choosing. LOVE THEM! We are excited to do some more shoe testing in November.

I'm going to go and try to fit my big feet into his new shoes while he's napping now...

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Tami said...

How cool is that?! Jealous!