October 29, 2009


I think it goes without saying what Taylor is going to be for Halloween this year - a sweet and sometimes fierce tiger! He had his mind made up for months before Halloween that he was going to be a tiger, and I am pretty surprised he hasn't changed his mind.

Today Taylor had his preschool Halloween party and he was excited to dress up, and to see all his friends in their costumes, too. I stuck around the classroom for a bit this morning to take pictures, all the kids looked so cute.

Taylor will pull his tiger costume out again on Halloween night while we go trick-or-treating with his cousin McKenna in their neighborhood. Afterwards is a Halloween party, and just as important - the Ducks are playing USC at Autzen. I so, so, so wish we were going to the game, but know we'll have a great night anyway, and the TV will be on the game, or I'll be sneaking off to check the score...

Happy Halloween from Taylor, and his black cat, Shadow!

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Brenda said...

We soooo need to live closer together. Guess what Luke was for Halloween.....A Tiger!!!! He decided a long time ago also. I will post pictures. That is so grrrreat.