November 28, 2009

Growing and Growing!

I can't keep up with Taylor's growing. Honestly, I can't! Every time Trask and I think we have stocked up on pants and shirts that fit Taylor, the next time we go to put on those pants or that shirt - BAM! It's too small.

From age 2 to age 3, sweet Mister Taylor grew 3.5 inches that whole year. But then again, he was a tall 2 year old. At his 3 year appointment in August of this year, Taylor measured 39.5 inches tall.

However. When Taylor woke up and came out of his room from a nap yesterday, Trask and I both thought he looked so much taller. I got out the pencil and marked his height on the wall and measured, only to learn that since the middle of August (3 months!), Taylor has grown 2.25 inches!

No wonder all his pants are too small, and his sleeves are too short! He has been so busy growing, and we just can't seem to keep up!

Now I kind of want to put batteries in the scale to see how heavy he is!! Or do I!?

November 5, 2009

cold + flu season

Despite our tremendous efforts to stay germ-free this season, Taylor has caught a bug. I am sure it'll only be a matter of time until he shares it with his Mommy and Daddy. We've been working super hard to keep me healthy during this time in my pregnancy.

He's been sick since Monday evening or Tuesday morning, and missed school on Tuesday and again today. He's super bummed about missing out on class and his friends, and probably his girlfriend, and I feel so bad for him.

He's had a low-grade fever, and now a cough, congestion and sneezing. He keeps telling me he's not sick and it's just allergies. He also keeps telling me sorry that he is sick - breaks my heart that he's apologizing for being sick.

You wouldn't be able to tell Taylor is feeling crummy based on his behavior. He's been a sweet guy the whole time, and his spirits are high. This helps. It's hard to keep him resting and to keep him inside, so for now, he's been tying up his bike (inside) with dog leashes. This makes me laugh because my sister used to tie everything up when she was little, too, and it's just too weird to see that he is just like his Aunt Karlie! Booby traps everywhere!!

Another thing that is keeping Taylor occupied is this old camera that my Grandpa gave me when I was in 5th grade, while I had a photography mentor. I have had it kept up high, but Taylor is getting a kick out of playing with it, so it provides hours (yes, hours) of entertainment. Last night we found a roll of film in it and Taylor was boggled as to what film was! Makes me feel old!

Keep Tay in your thoughts as he gets over these germs. We appreciate it!

November 2, 2009

silly kid!

Taylor picks sayings up really easy, and for the past 6 months or maybe longer, he's been saying "what's up, my nerd?". A phrase he picked up from the show The Office. More specifically, from Todd Packer on The Office. It always gets us laughing because he can't say nerd very well, or chooses not to, and nerd comes out sounding like "dird". Too cute.

This morning he mixed this saying up a bit and was saying "what's up, my dirty fella" and something about "nerdy fella" and "dirty thirty". Who knows. I love hearing the things that he comes up with! This kid has a great imagination and a knack at getting people to laugh, or making them feel super awkward, or better yet, both!