November 28, 2009

Growing and Growing!

I can't keep up with Taylor's growing. Honestly, I can't! Every time Trask and I think we have stocked up on pants and shirts that fit Taylor, the next time we go to put on those pants or that shirt - BAM! It's too small.

From age 2 to age 3, sweet Mister Taylor grew 3.5 inches that whole year. But then again, he was a tall 2 year old. At his 3 year appointment in August of this year, Taylor measured 39.5 inches tall.

However. When Taylor woke up and came out of his room from a nap yesterday, Trask and I both thought he looked so much taller. I got out the pencil and marked his height on the wall and measured, only to learn that since the middle of August (3 months!), Taylor has grown 2.25 inches!

No wonder all his pants are too small, and his sleeves are too short! He has been so busy growing, and we just can't seem to keep up!

Now I kind of want to put batteries in the scale to see how heavy he is!! Or do I!?

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